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The Best of 2018 – Seahorse Artwork Posts on Twitter


In the fast paced social media race, a lot of really cool information gets missed! With so many platforms and only so much time in a day, keeping up with the trends can get really complicated. Have no fear though, because the Seahorse Whisperer Society will always keep you up to date! In this “look back at 2018” article, lets check out some of the best seahorse artwork posts on Twitter in 2018!

1. The 3d Fishguy

More than just artwork, this first tweet by Adam P. Summers shows the new way that scientists are using 3D printing for research. Adam is a biology professor at the UW Friday Harbors Laboratory, and the “fishguy” who advised Pixar on ichthyology for the “Finding Dori” movie. On twitter, he is the “fishguy” whose posts get people more interested in science. His pygmy tweet certainly caught my eye, and now I am fascinated with the project!

The hashtag #scanallfish started with Adam’s goal to….well, “scan all fish” and make the information available to everyone. To learn more, here is an interview with Adam from Living on Earth – PRI’s Environmental News Magazine and DPAGES – The art of science that describe the 3d scanning process, and the $340,000 scanner used to create these replicas. The fish scanned so far can be found on the sites MORPHOSOURCE and OPEN SCIENCE FRAMEWORK and follow Adam on Twitter to see his latest work!

2. Seahorse Gear

A Seahorse made of #steampunk #gears? Very cool! Victoria Foundry Website makes hand painted gears and loves custom work. This June 2018 Tweet shows that creative artists can make almost anything out of the simplest things.

3. Watercolors Work

The seahorse, of course, was the image that caught my attention. However, @KatePlumArt tweets some really amazing artwork on a regular basis! Her artwork is available in print at KATE PLUM on REDBUBBLE!

4. A Child’s View

DID SHE SAY A TEN YEAR OLD? Wow! This child is truly gifted! I was impressed at just the image, and then shocked by the tag! You go Millie!

5. To the Point

An #Earthday project by the art students at Davis Elementary displays a seahorse made completely of old marker caps and lids. The idea was to show a crafty way to recycle plastics, but the problems with plastic in the ocean make this tweet even more meaningful!

6. Hubcap Creatures

Hubcap Creatures made this ferocious looking seahorse out of….well, a hubcap. And now, I want one! I just love artwork like this that shows an artist’s creative side and also represents a majestic seahorse!

7. From Trash to Treasure

Stella the seahorse is a member of the “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea” collection of 19 sculptures representing marine animals made from plastic waste. She made headlines as part of the 2017 Shedd aquarium exhibit aimed at reducing plastic waste in the ocean. However, this SSE Cornwall tweet congratulated Dr. Heather Koldewey, Project Seahorse’s co-founder, for becoming a National Geographic Fellow in June 2018. When these two pose for a picture, the message is loud and clear!

Final Thoughts

From hubcaps to marker caps, seahorses were seen throughout 2018 in artwork on twitter. It will be interesting to see if these ideas are topped in 2019!