Taking the plunge into the saltier side of the aquatic hobby can be frightening.  Many have attempted the conversion from freshwater to what many refer to as the “dark side” of keeping aquariums, and failed because they did not look before they leaped.  Instead of giving up before taking the leap, take a look at this collection of articles made to help new reef keepers!  Scroll down to view the articles or use the search function!

When I started my reef tank, I made a huge mess of things.  I added coral too quickly, did not place coral far enough apart to leave room for growth, bought a cheap light and then did not give the tank time to settle before adding more.  I wanted that “instant picture perfect” tank that everyone else seems to have, without actually building a REEF PLAN.  Luckily, I found a terrific mentor who helped me fix algae and other issues, and build my reef the right way.  By making this reef series, I am paying it forward and providing that same helpful advice for someone new to the hobby.  The aim of this series is to provide product, fish and coral recommendations, in addition to helpful tips to avoid mistakes.  There are always numerous ways to be successful, so definitely look at many reef plans and methods before making decisions, and be sure to start with the Beginner’s corner to understand water testing and the nitrogen cycle first!

Today, my reef tank basically runs itself, with very little work on my part.  Frankly, the system works better on its own than when I was constantly messing with things and putting my hands in the tank.  Good luck in finding your reef tank’s balance or “sweet spot” and if you are an established reef keeper already, please share your displays and methods in the FORUM section!

And here are the reef series videos on Youtube: