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Which species of seahorse is best for hobbyists?
The easiest seahorse to keep isn't necessarily based on a species.  More important is to make sure that the seahorse is captive bred.  You can read more about why buying captive bred is so important HERE.  A list of captive bred seahorse breeders can be found HERE.  As long as you're buying captive bred, hippocampus erectus are the most available, hardiest and easiest seahorses for a hobbyist.  Click here to read MORE!
What tank mates and coral can I put in a seahorse tank?

How often and what should I feed seahorses?

How important is temperature in a seahorse tank? And why?

Will dwarf seahorses eat frozen foods?
What are the main symptoms of disease or problem?
How can I tell if my seahorse is stressed?
Can I put seahorses in my reef tank?
How long do seahorses live?