The Marine Breeding Initiative Workshop

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7 day countdown to mbi pic

What is the MBI? In a time many years ago, when it was very difficult to find information about breeding marine organisms, the MarineLife Aquarium Society of Michigan (MASM) started a project called the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI).  The MBI council was formed and included expert breeders, programmers and aquarists willing to share their experiences […]


Seahorse courting – duel or dance?

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Have you ever watched seahorses courting?  Most people know that seahorses break the conventional rules in breeding, in that the male carries and births the fry. There are some animal species in which the male plays a larger role in protecting the young, such as male penguins who go without eating for months in order […]

Seahorse articles


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Captive Bred Seahorse

Following the trail of seahorse tails: Why buying captive bred seahorses from a breeder is so important! (Edit 4/5/2018 – The intro might seem confusing because this was the first article I wrote on Hello! For those that do not know me, I’m a seahorse lover who has owned Hippocampus Erectus for three years, […]

Reef Articles

How to acclimate and quarantine new seahorses!

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Setting up your very first seahorse tank is such a magical experience.  Typically it starts with seeing another hobbyists amazing seahorse tank, and realizing that more and more people are successfully keeping seahorses that are captive bred for the hobby.  The idea has been planted in your mind, and now you can see how perfectly […]