What do seahorses eat? How to feed seahorses in aquariums!

I bet I could swallow it!



Simple enough question right?  Or could nutrition be one of the reasons that people fail to keep them healthy in captivity?

Seahorse spots small foodSeahorse eyeing frozen mysisSeahorses might be fish, but they do not have a stomach like other fish, that can hold and digest food, providing nourishment over time.  So they need to eat a lot more, and more often to stay healthy.  In the ocean, seahorses have their


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  1. Great article. I also fed as much as my seahorses wanted per feed. Some eat more than others and I also found that some days individual seahorses ate more than other days.

  2. I also collected live mysids, I did have a WC seahorse who refused frozen foods. Also I enriched the frozen mysis.

    • I sure wish I lived close enough to the ocean to collect live mysids! Especially in an area such as Australia, with so much cleaner water (IMO). I bet that makes a huge difference in the “risk factor” of them bringing something bad with them to the tank. Do you do anything to clean them before feeding? And do you run equipment on the tank (live UV) as preventative?

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