Blue Scroll

Blue Scroll is probably my favorite in the brown algae category. The swirling ripples of blue coloration, randomly sprouting out from rocks bring color and character to any macro display.
This algae is lightly calcified, so a keeper should pay attention to calcium levels. If you notice that calcium is dropping more rapidly than usual between water changes, using a calcium supplement or 2 part dosing system can help.
Scroll will grow in many different lighting and flow combinations, but has grown best for me in lower light towards the bottom of a display. If you ordered blue scroll from a vendor, and it’s not very “blue”, you likely received Padina sp instead. Padina is also very pretty, but typically stays more brown in color and doesn’t shimmer like scroll. Another clue is if the algae does not seem very happy at the bottom of the display. Padina requires very high light, and will do better at the top near the surface. If you can’t tell which algae you have, try both situations.


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