About the SWS


In addition to the obvious, that I am a crazy girl who talks to seahorses, I am also an author, photographer, breeder and aquarium hobbyist.  Capturing beauty and truth using picutres and articles has always been my passion.  The captivating world that lives within an aquarium captured my attention 7 years ago, and has held on tightly since.  Using my love of taking pictures and writing articles to help others become successful with seahorses, macroalgae, and aquariums in general has become my ambition.


The SWS represents a society of seahorse keepers, breeders, vendors and hobbyists who are dedicated to encouraging best practices in seahorse and reef keeping. We promote captive breeding and conservation efforts, provide information and assistance to new hobbyists and keepers through community and social media sharing, and advertise vendors whose products, services and methods have proven track records and help members succeed.


Become a globally recognized name in the saltwater communities for providing information, products, services and resources to help seahorse keepers and breeders, macroalgae enthusiasts and all hobbyists world wide. 


Provide a source of information and inspiration to every person who wants to keep, breed or learn about seahorses, macroalgae and/or reef systems, by providing up-to-date information, demonstration of steps to success, and affiliation with companies providing the best products and services in the hobby.  


HONESTY - Build and maintain trust with other society members, customers, vendors and the public

COURAGE - to speak out against those spreading false information that lead others to fail

RESPECT - shown by all to all, even when experience levels and risk tolerance levels might be different

The GET REAL approach - research, evaluate, analyze and learn every piece of information before making a decision

COLLABORATION - affiliates, vendors and supporters with aligning values will be chosen carefully and promoted fully

PRESERVATION - support captive breeding programs, conservation efforts and other groups who aim at preserving the ocean through sustainable practices

RELIABILITY - provide up-to-date information, methods and products to help member success with seahorses, macroalgae and reef tanks. 

EXCELLENCE - keep key guidelines and best practices at the base of all information, while allowing innovative new ideas to promote growth.